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Are Deadly Contaminants Infiltrating Your Wapakoneta, OH Property?

Make sure you’re not putting your family or employees at risk with asbestos, pest and lead inspection services from Feister Residential Inspectors.
We’ve been trusted by numerous home and business owners to complete thorough inspections since 1997.

Hire Feister Residential Inspectors, serving Wapakoneta and Lima, OH for:
  • Asbestos testing – Asbestos was used in homes built prior to 1980. Our testing process involves sending multiple samples to a certified lab. You’ll receive the results in seven to 10 days.
  • Lead testing – Useful for homes built prior to 1978, lead testing takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and provides instant results.
  • Pest inspections – This process involves performing a visual inspection of your home to pinpoint infestations and identify wood damage.
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Meticulous inspections are our top priority

You don’t want to hire an inferior inspector who won’t thoroughly inspect your home or office. Feister Residential Inspectors is home to the scrupulous specialists you can trust to uncover every issue in your property.

Besides checking for asbestos, lead and pests, we also conduct radon and mold testing.

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